New AUDI terminal facades



Since 2008, AUDI car dealerships shall have a new homogeneous appearance throughout the whole world: the AUDI terminal – a facade of perforated and anodised aluminium sheets with folded edges.


The basis for the new design is a hexagonal honeycomb perforation uniting both aesthetics and dynamics.


From one source



DF supplies perforated, anodised aluminium sheets with folded edges from one source.

Thanks to optimum production processes and our experience from already realised projects we are able to guarantee perfect quality and strict adherence to deadlines for all further projects.

The facades are realised in close cooperation with architects and responsible

cladding companies and/or general contractors.



The size of our company allows us to deal with several AUDI facade projects at once.



Your profit: our experience and our know-how:





  • high-quality aluminium ensures even anodising colours
  • anodising quality with higher layer thickness based on DIN 17611and respecting the requirements of the EURAS quality label ensure appropriate protection even with high environmental impacts and in maritime surroundings
  • RAL quality far beyond the quality level of DIN 24041




  • tight bending tolerances allow for homogeneous optics on seams
  • anodised cut edges and perforations guarantee protection against unwanted discoloration
  • Production of standard sheets as well as fitting parts
  • Planning of fitting parts acc. to customer drawing guarantee accurately fitting assembly on site




  • Technical advice
  • if requested delivery of substructure
  •   if desired we can draw up a layout drawing and piece list
  •  Tailored packaging


With our experience gained in more than 160 projects worldwide DF manufactures a technically mature, sophisticated and competitive product, be it in terms of quality or price.




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AUDI terminal facades – projects realized by DF



Samples of realised projects:  (total 160 projects / appr. 100.000 m²)




AUDI terminal Frankfurt (6600 m²) AUDI terminal Berlin (5000 m²) AUDI terminal Munich (2000 m²) AUDI terminal Dresden (1000 m²), AWF System AUDI terminal Lichtenberg (1500 m²) AUDI terminal Leipzig (840 m²) AUDI terminal Gera (400 m²) AUDI terminal Vechta (500 m²) AUDI terminal Fürstenwald (560 m²) AUDI terminal Weißensee (570 m²) AUDI terminal Brass Dietzenbach (455 m²) AUDI terminal Stuttgart (3600 m², in order) AUDI terminal Fulda (700 m², in order) AUDI terminal Füssen (700 m², in order)




AUDI terminal Limonest / Lyon (2100m²) AUDI terminal Seynod / Annecy (1100m²) AUDI terminal Ville la Grand (500 m²) AUDI terminal Ferney Voltaire (470 m²) AUDI terminal Dunkerque (430 m²) AUDI terminal Tarbes (240 m²) AUDI terminal Valence (470 m²) AUDI terminal Laval (470 m²) AUDI terminal Boulogne sur Mer (300 m²) AUDI terminal Vannes (550 m²) AUDI terminal Terville (280 m²) AUDI terminal Trélissac (360 m²) AUDI terminal Puget (430 m²) AUDI terminal Vire (400 m²) AUDI terminal Béziers (580 m²) AUDI terminal Bayonne (300 m²) AUDI terminal St. Brieuc (450 m²) AUDI terminal Beaucouzé (650 m²) AUDI terminal Nîmes (520 m²) AUDI terminal Chalon sur Saône (300 m²) AUDI terminal Cholet (350 m²) AUDI terminal Bruay-sur-l’Escaut (700 m²) AUDI terminal Brives-La-Gaillarde (500 m²) AUDI terminal Pamiers (400 m²) AUDI terminal Orvault (630 m²) AUDI terminal Echirolles / Grenoble (450 m²) AUDI terminal St. Victoret / Marseille (580 m²) AUDI terminal Chenove (800 m²) AUDI terminal Narbonne (300 m²) AUDI terminal Toulon La Garde (1250 m²) AUDI terminal Reims (570 m²) AUDI terminal Bourgoin Jallieu (450 m²) AUDI terminal Epinal (500 m²) AUDI terminal Saint Maximin (600 m²) AUDI terminal St Lo (450 m²) AUDI terminal Jaux (320 m²) AUDI terminal Le Coteau (200 m²) AUDI terminal Mouilleron le Captif (425 m²) AUDI terminal Nevers (220 m²) AUDI terminal Trignac (510 m²) AUDI terminal Lanester (780 m²) AUDI terminal Carcassonne (300 m²)




AUDI terminal Eindhoven (700 m²) AUDI terminal Kantsingel (150 m²) AUDI terminal Gouda  (800 m²) AUDI terminal Dordrecht (65 m²) AUDI terminal Leeuwarden (350 m²) AUDI terminal Zeist (700 m²) Belgium AUDI terminal Kortenberg (800 m²) AUDI terminal Lanklaar (560 m²) AUDI terminal Heremans (120 m²) AUDI terminal Ternat (90 m²) AUDI terminal Fosses la ville (approx. 720 m²)




AUDI terminal Bolzano (facade model) AUDI terminal Firenze ( 700 m²) AUDI terminal Caserta (480 m²) AUDI terminal Fornasier (510 m²)




AUDI terminal Smista (1000 m²) AUDI terminal Värnamo (500 m²) AUDI terminal Uddevalla (380 m²)




AUDI terminal Bratislava (2400 m²) AUDI terminal Zilina (350 m²) AUDI terminal Trencin (500 m²)

Other European countries


AUDI terminal Madrid, Spain (2200 m²), AWF-System AUDI terminal Dübendorf, Switzerland (2100 m²) AUDI terminal Dudelange, Luxemburg (500 m²) AUDI terminal Prague, Czech Republic (440 m²) AUDI terminal Kyjov, Czech Republic (560 m²) AUDI terminal Zagreb, Croatia (1500 m²), AWF-System AUDI terminal Budapest, Hungary (720 m²) AUDI terminal Vienna, Austria (570 m²), AWF-System AUDI terminal Molde, Norway (40 m²) AUDI terminal Kristiansand, Norway (600 m²) AUDI terminal Horgen, Switzerland (700 m²), AWF-System AUDI terminal Chur, Switzerland (250 m²) AUDI terminal Charkow, Ukraine (550 m²) AUDI terminal Nass, Ireland (560 m², in order) AUDI terminal Sligo, Ireland (500 m²), AWF-System AUDI terminal Waterford, Ireland (900 m²), AWF-System AUDI terminal Winterthur. Switzerland (1380 m², in order), AWF-System AUDI terminal Mobile presentation center Davos


Countries outside Europe


AUDI terminal Cairo, Egypt (1800 m²) AUDI terminal Mexico (900 m²) AUDI terminal Martinique (400 m²) AUDI terminal Tunis, Tunisia (370 m²) AUDI terminal Toronto, Canada (800 m²), AWF-System AUDI terminal Laval, Canada (700 m²)


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